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Posting Bail in Yolo County and Surrounding Areas

After you’ve been arrested for a crime, you’ll be booked into jail, and a bail amount will be set for you. If you don’t have a criminal record and if the crime you’re accused of was not severe, you’ll be told what that bail amount is right away. For more serious crimes, you’ll need to wait until your bail hearing, where a judge will decide on your bail amount. Then, you can post the bail yourself by cash or check, sign over ownership to property with a value comparable to the bail amount, or call a bail bonds service to submit a bond. Posting bail will allow you to get out of jail on the condition that you do not commit any other crimes and that you show up for all of your court dates. If you’re in Yolo County or the surrounding area, call Woodland Bail Bonds at 530-662-4609 for more information about posting bail.