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Setting Bail in Yolo County and Surrounding Areas

Several factors decide how much your bail is going to be. While setting the bail amount is ultimately up to the judge, the severity of the crime, your criminal history and the likelihood of you appearing in court for your trial all play a role as well.

Setting Bail According to the Bail Schedule

For less serious, common crimes and misdemeanors, most jails have a bail schedule set, meaning you’ll know how much your bail is right away. The bail schedule matches common crimes with specified amounts. If you don’t have a lengthy criminal history and are not a potential flight risk, the process will be straightforward. You will be notified of the bail amount, and you can post it as soon as possible and be out of jail until your trial date.

Setting Bail at a Bail Hearing

For more serious offenses and felonies or if you are a flight risk, are deemed unsafe to the public or have a lengthy criminal history or outstanding warrants, you’ll likely need to wait in jail for up to 48 hours to have a bail hearing. At this hearing, a judge will go over your history and consider the crime to come up with a bail amount. Bail for serious crimes are usually at least five to ten times the bail amounts for misdemeanors, so if you cannot afford to post bail yourself, you’ll need to hire a bondsman.

Setting Bail According to an Algorithm

Some courts use mathematical algorithms to set bail. A computer program assigns values to relevant factors, such as the defendant’s age, the charges against them, their criminal history and their record of failing to appear in court, if any. After crunching these numbers, the algorithm sets a bail amount.

More Questions?

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